Dried Osmotic Prunes

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Latin Name: Prunus Domestica

Origin Country: Serbia

Osmotic dehydration is the removal of water by immersing the fruit in a solution of salt or sugars of high osmotic pressure.

Our osmotic dehydration involves immersion of the fruit tissue in aqueous solutions of high concentrations of concentrated apple juice.

–  Our prunes are preservatives and sugar free.

–  Prunes are a good source of potassium, vitamin K, A, B6, B2, niacin, riboflavin, iron, copper and manganese.

–  Prunes are a good source of energy, and they don’t cause a rapid hike in blood sugar levels.

–  Prunes are very beneficial in promoting a healthy vision as they provide the daily recommended value for vitamin A.

–  Prunes are an excellent source of folates, iron, zinc and copper which is ideal to keep the red blood cell production in check.

–  The antioxidants and vitamin C in prunes provide an ideal boost that the immune system needs.

–  Prunes have been a part of digestive medicine since the use of Greek medicine. Concoctions to heal the gut were prepared for the use of prunes. Prunes are rich in fibre and various minerals that ensure healthy bowel movement and reduce the symptoms of constipation.

The use is recommended as follows: 4 to 5 pieces a day.
Consuming a lot of dried plums or prunes can cause several side effects like digestive issues, including diarrhea and a laxative dependency. One of the side effects of dried plums or prunes is that it has high calorific value.

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