Goat’s Rue Stem Dried leaves & Stems

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Latin Name : Galega Officinalis

Goat’s rue has a long and varied history of use reaching as far as the Middle Ages, where Goat’s Rue treated very serious conditions. Some of these included: diabetes, malignant fevers, the plague, and other infectious disease.

  • Diabetes: Goat’s rue is the origin of the common Type II diabetes pharmaceutical, metformin (glucophage). Galega contains galegine, an alkaloid that lowers blood glucose levels and lowers insulin resistance. It is believed that goat’s rue accomplished this by slowing down the rate at which glucose enters the bloodstream, allowing for a more even blood glucose reading throughout the day. But, this is only one mechanism of how goat’s rue works, as it does seem to lower blood glucose levels when fasting as well.
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): In addition to being the most common pharmaceutical prescribed for Type II diabetes, metformin is also now often prescribed for women with PCOS. The imbalance of hormones found in this disorder is triggered by unstable blood glucose levels throughout the day. Many women find their symptoms diminish when they take metformin.
  • Lactation: This is the most common modern application for goat’s rue. Based on observing cows and goats increase milk production after eating galega, women began to drink goat’s rue tea and taking goat’s rue tincture to increase their own milk supply. Some women have great difficulty nursing due to insufficient glandular tissue, and goat’s rue helps to build that tissue.
  • Weight Loss: A study demonstrated that goat’s rue led to a reduction in body fat. Still, due to it’s ability to lower insulin and to improve the body’s response to insulin, goat’s rue is credited with helping many people lose body fat. This is especially true of women with PCOS, and both men and women taking it in response to diabetes

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