Myrrh Gum Resin Incense Grade A


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Latin Name : Commiphora myrrha

It is thought to be a good herb to reduce cholesterol levels.

Mixed with boric acid and boiling water, myrrh can be used as a gargle for oral inflammation, sore throat, and gum issues.

Myrrh gargles may also be beneficial in other mouth and throat diseases such as strep throat.

Internally, it has been used as an expectorant and to relieve gastric distress. Additionally, it is used to soothe or relax smooth muscle tissue.

Myrrh Tincture Ingredients & Supplies 1 cup myrrh resin 4 cups ethyl alcohol (i.e. vodka), preferably 90% large glass jar Method Place tears or beads in the jar and cover with alcohol. Let sit for a few weeks on a sunny windowsill, shaking daily. Much of the solids will dissolve. Strain out any remaining solids and store in a colored glass bottle away from light and heat. Label bottles well. To Use Place 5-10 drops in 250ml of water and take once a day. This mixture can also be used directly on wounds.
Myrrh seems safe for most people when used in small amounts. It can cause some side effects such as skin rash if applied directly to the skin, and diarrhea if taken by mouth. Large doses may be UNSAFE. Amounts greater than 2-4 grams can cause kidney irritation and heart rate changes.

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