Organic Whole Blue Cornflowers

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Latin name: Centaurea Cyanus

Centaurea cyanus is used to treat daily ailments such as mucus membrane and tissue inflammation and skin inflammation, pain and conjunctivitis.

In these cases, what is effective is its soothing activity that is beneficial for rheumatism and infections or ocular irritation (stye, conjunctivitis).

It usually appears as an ingredient in eye drops and eye lotions.

Moreover, field cornflower floral water (or cornflower herbal distillate) helps alleviate sunburns, eye irritation, and even skin disorders.

As a decoction: Place 10g of cornflowers in 200ml water. In an adequate container, pour the cold water, and toss in the plants. After that, on the stove, bring to boiling and then cut the heat, and let it steep for about ¼ hour, maybe 20 minutes. In the culinary arts, cornflower has also made its fame. It can be added to mixed salads or included in fruit salads for dessert. While some use it to flavor their cakes, others delicately place them on icing to decorate, or on other dishes.
Cornflower is likely safe when used to color herbal teas as there is not enough information to know if cornflower is safe for use as a medicine.

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