Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Latin Name : Olea Europaea

LIOPETRA is a single varietal extra virgin olive oil produced from the finest olives grown in selected areas in southwestern Greece, famed for its fertile soil and favorable climate. It is obtained by cold extraction, exclusively from hand-picked olives of the Koroneiki variety, one of the oldest olive tree varieties in Greece that gives one of the finest olive oils worldwide.

Featuring low acidity and unique sensory characteristics, it is ideal for those looking for a superior quality natural product with high nutritional value and antioxidant activity.

​​​​​​​Exquisite flavour, excellent quality; our olive oil has a lovely, velvety texture, bright golden-green colour, full-bodied taste and superb aroma of fresh olives. A perfectly balanced olive oil of exceptional quality, fruity and moderately bitter and spicy, it seals in it an integral part of the Greek gastronomic tradition and the Mediterranean diet.

It can be used as a dip for bread, for drizzling on pasta, in cooking, or as a salad dressing and in almost all kind of recipes.
Olive oil is generally considered safe for use.

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