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Country Origin: Serbia

​​​​Zeolite is a complex mineral which forms in the contact of volcanic lava and water. This process can take thousands or even millions of years; scientists estimate that the first zeolite minerals formed over 300 million years ago.

Zeolite is a natural volcanic compound that contains mineral nutrients like potassium, calcium, a little sodium, silicon and aluminum, which can provide  benefits to your health.

​​Many say that Zeolite tastes slightly chalky. Overall, it doesn’t have much of a taste.

Zeolite is a highly effective natural supplement to bolster your health. Along with its ability to remove toxins from the body, it can alkalize, improve mood, strengthen the immune system, and even protect against harmful microbes.


The daily dose of zeolite powder, which is 1 g, should be achieved gradually, starting with 0.3-0.5 g (on the spoon's tip) for the first 15 days and gradually increasing the dosage. It should be taken on an empty stomach.
The detoxification period of about 50 days if done twice a year is considered to be sufficiently adequate for detoxification of the body, The basic structure of zeolite powder is considered to be biologically neutral and non-toxic. Nonetheless you should stay on the safe side and consult a specialist before consuming it.

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