Cinnamon Sticks Cassia Quills 10cm

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Latin Name : Cinnamomum Cassia

Origin Country: Indonesia

Cinnamon has long been considered a “wonder food” in various cultures and science has shown that its active oil components such as cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, and cinnamyl alcohol do convery certain health benefits.

  • Safe, Natural Deodorising: Cinnamon sticks are an alternative to deodorising sprays, many of which carry warnings against eating in the area after you use them.
  • Cholesterol: Cinnamon, even in relatively low quantities, is believed to lower a person’s LDL bad cholesterol and thus improve the person’s cholesterol ratio and overall cardiac health.
  • Inflammation: Several studies suggest that cinnamon may have anti-inflammatory properties. As arthritis is a common ailment involving inflammatory pain, cinnamon has been suggested as a potential treatment for arthritis.
  • Diabetes: Cinnamon may help regulate blood sugar. Some researchers have investigated the effects of using cinnamon as a treatment for type 2 diabetes, otherwise known as adult-onset diabetes.
  • Cinnamon tea is often touted to help with weight loss, and several studies have linked cinnamon intake to fat loss or reductions in waist circumference.
  • Cinnamon tea may help make some menstrual symptoms, such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and dysmenorrhea.
Add 1 teaspoon (2.6 grams) of ground cinnamon to 1 cup (235 ml) of boiled water and stir. You can also make cinnamon tea by steeping a cinnamon stick in boiling water for 10–15 minutes. Cassia Cinnamon can be used to flavor foods and beverages. Although it is often used to flavor sweet foods, cassia can also lend warmth and flavor to savory meat and curry dishes.
Cassia Cinnamon seems to be safe for most people when used properly. Cassia cinnamon contains a chemical,called cumarin that might harm the liver. If you have liver disease, do not take cassia cinnamon in amounts larger than the amounts normally found in food. Cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde, a compound that may trigger an allergic reaction when consumed in large amounts. In any case you should consult with your healthcare doctor before using cassia especially if you’re taking other medications or having health problems.

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