Dammar Gum Brown Resin Incense

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Latin Name : Shorea Javanica

​​​​​Dammar, is a resin obtained from the tree family Dipterocarpaceae in India and East Asia, principally those of the genera Shorea or Hopea (synonym Balanocarpus). The gum varies in colour from clear to pale yellow, while the fossilised form is grey-brown.

The resin is used in indigenous system of medicine as an astringent and detergent and is given in diarrhea and dysentery.

Gum Dammar resin (brown)  is also known as cat-eye resin, is said to be particularly useful to combat sadness, depression and melancholy

Product should only be consumed after infusion in boiling water. Υou can burn the resin to release its healing properties.
The gum is stable, probably combustible and incompatible with strong oxidising agents. Its toxicity is low, but inhalation of dust may cause allergies.

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