Greek Flower of Salt (Fleur de Sel)

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Latin Name: Fleur De Sel

Fleur de Sel (flower of salt) has calcium, magnesium, potassium, and contains varying quantities of iron, zinc, manganese, and literally dozens of other trace minerals.

These combine with the sodium chloride that makes up the majority of the salt to achieve an extremely well-rounded, mellow finishing salt.

Fleur de sel is produced by collecting the thin layer of salt that rises to the surface of shallow pools of seawater.

Because of its delicate nature and higher price relative to other salts, fleur de sel isn’t meant for seasoning a dish while you cook it. If you expose it to high temperatures, it will melt and lose its unique character.

Instead, you should use sprinkles of fleur de sel on anything that needs a little extra oomph right before it’s consumed: salads, fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, and dessert. Some even sprinkle it on their oatmeal.


It works best as a condiment that is used at the table or as a garnish. You would sprinkle it over the food just before eating to get its full effect. Fleur de sel can be used on savory foods like steaks and seafood, but its flavor may be just as beneficial when it is used to make candies. This salt is used to make salted caramels as well as certain types of chocolate.
Himalayan rock salt has an effect on blood pressure and hypertension because of its sodium content. One role of sodium is to help regulate the fluid levels in your body. When you consume sodium, your body retains water to help maintain your blood's electrolyte balance.

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