Manjistha Root Powder

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Latin Name: Rubia Cordifolia

Origin Country: India

Manjistha dates back to the Vedic period as described in the Atreya Aranyaka. It has been used as a coloring agent since time immemorial to dye clothes. However ancient Ayurvedic texts emphasized its role in healthcare.

Manjistha is a perennial climber that is perhaps best known as a lymph mover and blood purifier.

This vine-like plant “spreads” throughout the systems of the body, acting most powerfully on the arterial system, the circulatory system, and the skin.

Its name literally means “bright red” and is a nod to its red roots, which according to Ayurveda is the lymph-moving and cleansing property of the plant.

Because many menstrual problems are a result of congested lymph, manjistha is superb support for the female reproductive system, especially during the child-birthing years.

Because of its effect on for the lymph, manjistha is considered one of the best herbs for skin. It is a celebrated overall rejuvenative for the complexion.

Manjistha powder: 1-3 grams daily. Traditionally Manjistha powder mixed with honey can be applied as a face pack for 10-15 minutes and then washed off with lukewarm water. This promotes clear, glowing skin. Be sure to test a small area of the skin first to see how your skin will react. Do not apply if you feel any redness or itchiness on the test area.
Manjistha should not be taken during pregnancy and lactation. Consuming it can change the color of your urine and stool.

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