Organic Dried Osmotic Lemon Slices

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Latin Name: Citrus Limon

Osmotic dehydration is the removal of water by immersing the fruit in a solution of salt or sugars of high osmotic pressure.

Our osmotic dehydration involves immersion of the fruit tissue in aqueous solutions of high concentrations of concentrated apple juice.

Our lemons are preservatives and sugar free.

Lemon contains a good amount of vitamin C, and a small amount of a number of vitamins and minerals, including B-vitamins ( niacin, folate, thiamin, riboflavin) as well as potassium, zinc, and magnesium.

Lemon juice is helpful for people suffering from heart problems because it contains potassium. It controls high blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea as it provides a calming sensation to both, the mind and body.

If you consume lemons on a regular basis, there’s also evidence that it can help you shed some unwanted weight. Polyphenols in lemons could prevent weight gain from poor eating choices.

Diets that contain a variety of citrus fruits, like lemons, may reduce your risk of stroke, thanks to the antioxidant flavonoids in the fruit.

Research shows citric acid helps to increase urine volume and urinary citrate, thus reducing kidney stones. Of all the citrus fruits, lemons have the most citric acid. Lemon juice therapy can be just as effective as other therapies for relieving kidney stones.

Like any whole food with vitamin C, lemons can help your immune system to function at its best.

These dried lemon slices have a great citrus taste that goes well with beverages such as hot or cold tea, lemonade or just water. Try cutting them into smaller pieces and tossing in baked goods, rice dishes, salads, and more.
There are not side effects

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