Ceylon Black Tea English Breakfast

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Latin Name: Camellia Sinensis

English Breakfast is a full-bodied black tea blend that goes well with a traditional English breakfast. The original cup was made with black Keemun tea from Anhui province in China.

Made from top quality black Keemun tea, prized for its rich, slightly smoky flavor and perfectly ‘on point’ astringency. This fine example of English Breakfast remains one of Adagio’s most popular varieties and those who partake in it enjoy a host of short-term and far-reaching perks.

–  Slowing Down the clock: Like other black teas, English breakfast tea contains natural antioxidants called flavonoids. According to one well-respected theory, antioxidants may slow the signs of aging by fighting off free radicals in the human body.

–  Healthier Bones and Blood: Without milk or natural sweeteners, English breakfast tea contains almost no calories and zero sugar, making it an ideal choice for those with diabetes and anyone keeping an eye on daily caloric intake. It also contains vitamin B, which helps the body create new red blood cells, a vital component for good health. The phosphorus and magnesium found in English breakfast tea are important for strong, resilient bones.

–  Combating Cancer and Kidney Stones: English breakfast tea may help fight cancer. It is believed that TF-2, a chemical in black tea can induce cancer cells to self-destruct without harming normal cells in the process. Studies are ongoing, but early findings are promising.

–  English Breakfast tea contains a modest amount of caffeine. Ingested in moderation, caffeine can demonstrably improve certain aspects of memory and learning.

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