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Latin Name: Camellia Sinensis

Origin Country: Sri Lanka

English Breakfast Tea is a type of black tea blend from Ceylon, India and China. It is believed to have originally developed in Scotland in the 19th century and gained popularity in England during the Victorian era. English breakfast tea is usually a blend of different black teas, often including Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas. English breakfast tea is known for its robust and full flavour. It often has malt notes, with a slight bitterness and a hint of sweetness.

Like all black teas, English Breakfast Tea contains caffeine. English breakfast tea is usually enjoyed as morning tea, but can be consumed at any time of the day. It is often served with milk and sugar, although some prefer it black or with a slice of lemon.

– Black tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols, which help to neutralize harmful free radicals in the body.

– Regular consumption of black tea has been linked to improvements in heart health.

– The moderate caffeine content in black tea can help improve mental alertness and concentration.

– Without milk or natural sweeteners, English breakfast tea contains almost no calories and zero sugar, making it an ideal choice for those with diabetes and anyone keeping an eye on daily caloric intake.

– It also contains vitamin B, which helps the body create new red blood cells, a vital component for good health.

– The phosphorus and magnesium found in English breakfast tea are important for strong, resilient bones.

- Start by bringing fresh, cold water to a rolling boil. Use about 1 teaspoon of loose tea leaves. English Breakfast tea generally requires steeping for 3 to 5 minutes. Steeping for longer will result in a stronger brew. Pour the hot water over the tea leaves or tea bag. For black tea like English Breakfast, the ideal temperature is typically around 200°F (93°C). Cover the teapot or cup with a lid or saucer to keep the heat in, and let the tea steep for the desired amount of time. Pour the brewed tea into cups, and enjoy it as is or with milk, sugar, lemon, or honey, according to your preference.
- English Breakfast tea is generally safe for most people when consumed in moderation. - Black tea contains caffeine, which can cause side effects such as insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, stomach upset, increased heart rate, and headaches in some individuals, especially if consumed in large quantities. - Some people may experience digestive issues such as acid reflux, heartburn, or upset stomach when consuming black tea, especially on an empty stomach or in excessive amounts. - While moderate consumption of black tea is generally considered safe during pregnancy, excessive intake should be avoided due to its caffeine content.

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