Dried Kola Nuts Cola Nut Crushed Seeds

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Latin Name : Cola Nitida

The kola nut is the fruit of the kola tree, indigenous to West Africa.

Kola Nut benefits includes boosting energy, promoting weight loss, boosting immunity, aiding prostate cancer, boosting metabolism, alleviating gastric troubles, curing bone illness and treating respiratory disease. Other benefits includes treating cold, relieving migraines and acting as a natural diuretic for the treatment of irrhosis, hypertension, kidney disease and heart failure.

Kola nuts can be consumed in a multitude of ways. The most basic is to simply chew on the nuts. However, kola nuts aren’t exactly praised for their innate taste and are known to be very bitter. For this reason, they are often mixed into beverages or taken with sweeter foods.
Cause: increased Blood Pressure, Sleeping Disorder, Shakiness, Nausea.

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