Beef Gelatine Gelatin Powder 250 Bloom

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Gelatin is a translucent, friable, colorless and tasteless substance, which is usually of animal origin and is most often made from the collagen found between the cartilages of bones or from the skin of cattle or pigs.

It is used as a thickener in foods such as jelly, yogurt, ice cream, candies, in pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.

Gelatin contains 18 amino acids, half of which are considered essential for our survival. And they cannot be produced by our body.

Also, gelatin:
– Strengthens joints and heart muscle.
– Improves metabolism
– Increases mental capacity
– Keeps the skin condition healthy
– Gives elasticity and strength to tendons and ligaments
– Prevents the development of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
– Leads to improved growth and structure of hair and nails

(250 Bloom: Gelatin’s clotting power is measured in Bloom degrees.)

1. Use it in both confectionery and cooking to thicken aqueous mixtures such as creams (bavaroise, panna cotta, caramel cream, etc.) and sauces. 2. Add 5 gr. (2 teaspoons) gelatin powder in 200ml hot water, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Continue stirring until the powder is completely dissolved and let it stand until morning (out of the fridge). The gelatin will swell and turn into jelly overnight. In the morning, drink the mixture on an empty stomach or add it to juice or mix with yogurt. For better taste add honey. In general, for 1 liter of liquid mixture we use from 2 to 5 g. gelatin, depending on the application we want to make and how thick we want our mixture to be.
Gelatine powder is generally considered safe to use. Some people may experience digestive symptoms such as gas, bloating and heartburn when they first put gelatin in their diet or when they consume larger amounts than normal.

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