Greater Celandine Dried Cut Leaves & Stems

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Latin Name : Chelidonium Majus L.

Country of Origin: Hungary

Chelidonium majus has traditionally been used for treatment of various inflammatory diseases including atopic dermatitis. It is also traditionally used in the treatment of gallstones and dyspepsia.

Due to its depurative properties, Greater celandine can be used to purify and cleanse the liver. It can be used as an effective part of a detoxification program because of its ability to eliminate waste and toxins out of the system. It has natural liver protective properties which not only help to support proper liver health and function but also protect the liver from cellular damage.

Greater celandine can be used as a mild sedative and anti-anxiety treatment. It has narcotic properties and thus should not be taken in large doses. In smaller doses, it can be used to ease anxiety and tension and because of its analgesic ability, might help relieve pain. A combination of these properties means that it may be suitable for people having trouble sleeping.

To make greater celandine tea, pour boiling water over 1/2 a teaspoon of finely chopped celandine, steep ten minutes, then strain. Drink two to three cups per day in between meals.
Greater celandine is possibly unsafe when taken by mouth and in large doses. It may cause liver problems. When applied to the skin, greater celandine can cause allergic skin rash. Not enough is known about the safety of greater celandine. Consult a specialist before consuming it.

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