Honeybush Tea

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Latin Name : Cyclopia Intermedia

–  Honeybush tea, being rich in antioxidants such as phenols, and various other vitamins and minerals, helps in strengthening the immune system, thereby lowering the risk of infections and diseases.

–  Honeybush (Cyclopia) tea does not contain caffeine and prevents colds and allergies.

–  By lowering the fat metabolism in the body, this tea helps you lose weight easier.

–  The amazing phytoestrogenic properties in honeybush tea makes it a good aid to relieve menopausal symptoms including mood swings and cramps. The properties of tea make it useful in protecting the body against osteoporosis, heart disease and certain hormone-related cancers.

–  The presence of pinitol in honeybush helps in lowering the blood sugar levels in the body and helps regulate symptoms of diabetes.

–  Relieves stomach ailments and helps the proper functioning of the intestine.


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