Poplar Buds

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Latin Name : Populus Nigra

Country Origin: Ukraine

Poplar is used as an ingredient in herbal cough medicines. It is also used to loosen chest congestion and as a stimulant.

Poplar can be applied directly to the skin for sores, bruises, cuts, pimples, external hemorrhoids, frostbite, and sundburn.

The sticky resin of poplar buds contain salicin which your body converts to aspirin. Poplar buds infused in oil make a healing remedy for muscle soreness and headaches.

The smell is very heady and quite exotic.

The buds are used for making delicious concoctions. Also, you can infuse poplar buds in oil to make a naturally antibiotic and anti-inflammatory healing oil for arthritis pain. Poplar bud oil can be used as a base for salves and ointments for troubled skin.
Poplar buds is possibly safe for everyone, however you should consult a specialist before taking it. If you are allergic to any of these: aspirin or similar medications, a honeybee product called propolis, or Peru balsam don’t use poplar buds.

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