Purple Loosestrife Leaves & Stems

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Latin Name : Lythrum Salicaria 

Loosestrife belongs to the family of Lythrida. As a herb, it is known for centuries. Mostly it was used to stop bleeding. It is a herb that healed wounds and at the same time disinfected.

The flowering plant is antibiotic, highly astringent, hypoglycaemic and vulnerary. The taste of the herb is astringent and slightly acid, but it has no odour.

–  Purple loosestrife is an astringent herb that is mainly employed as a treatment for diarrhoea and dysentery. It can be safely taken by people of all ages and has been used to help arrest diarrhoea in breast-feeding babies.

–  It can also be used to treat heavy periods and inter-menstrual bleeding.

–  The whole plant is antibiotic and can  be particularly effective against the micro-organism that causes typhus.

–  Externally, the plant is used as a cleansing and healing wash for wounds, sores, impetigo, eczema, excess vaginal discharge, vaginal itching etc.


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