Mistletoe Stems

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Latin Name : Viscum Album L.

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that grows on the branches of other trees. In European folklore, mistletoe is considered magical, an aphrodisiac and symbol of fertility, and it has a long history as a medicinal plant.

–  Effects on muscles: Mistletoe has a profound effect on muscles of the body, most especially on specialised muscles found in uterus, arteries and intestines. Mistletoe tea is great in calming these muscles, which is somewhat beneficial in conditions such as amenorrhea or dyspepsia.

–  Calming Effect: Mistletoe herbal tea helps calm the body’s senses mostly without causing analgesia or drowsiness. It is useful in cases such as panic attacks, irritability and anxiety.

–  Mistletoe for Infection: Mistletoe tea is a useful wash for wounds and inflamed lesions that are in danger of infection. This makes mistletoe tea good in chilblains, leg ulcers and as compress for varicose veins. Mistletoe tea, when washed on the face, may be helpful for acne.

–  Cardiovascular Health: Mistletoe may help prevent high blood pressure, helping prevent coronary, heart disease and strokes.

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