Red Sandalwood Bark

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Latin Name : Pterocarpus Santalinus

Red sandalwood, is also called by many names such as red sanders, saunderswood and rakta chandana. This tree is not aromatic and usually comes with a reddish tinge when pulped and pulverized.

Like white sandalwood, the red sandalwood tree also holds both aesthetics and medicinal uses.

  • Red Sandalwood helps manage ulcers due to its gastroprotective property. It reduces the production of gastric acid in the stomach. It reduces the symptoms of ulcers like inflammation, burning sensation, irritation or bleeding and provides a cooling effect to the affected area.
  • Red Sandalwood is used for skincare and cosmetic purposes. Applying Red Sandalwood powder mixed with honey or rose water helps manage acne and scars due to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
  • Applying Red Sandalwood paste on the wound helps in wound healing due to its Ropan (healing) property.
  • Red Sandalwood bark helps lower blood sugar levels by enhancing insulin secretion due to its anti-diabetic property.
  • Certain antioxidants present in Red Sandalwood bark helps manage high cholesterol levels.
  • Taking a decoction of Red Sandalwood helps to manage dysentery due to its astringent property.
Decoction: In a pot, bring 3 cups of cold water, 3-4 teaspoons of the sandalwood to a simmer. Gently decoct (simmer) for 30 minutes. Strain out herbs and return liquid to pot. . Add if you want one spoonful of honey at a time and dissolve over very low heat until you reach desired sweetness. You should only take sandalwood for one to four weeks at a time. Be sure to take a one-week break before resuming use.
Red sandalwood might be safe for most people. The possible side effects aren't known. Red Sandalwood powder might cause allergic reactions like contact dermatitis in some individuals. In any case you should consult with your healthcare doctor before using any herb especially if you’re taking other medications or have health problems.

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