Rupturewort Leaves & Stems

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Latin Name : Herniaria Glabra

Country of Origin: Germany

Rupturewort is taken to treat urinary tract disorders, lung problems, nerve pain, gout, arthritis, fluid retention, and muscle and joint pain (rheumatism); and for “purifying the blood.”

Most of the plant’s healing abilities are probably due the substances saponins and flavonoids.

The herb does have diuretic and slightly astringent (contracting) properties and has a mild anticonvulsive and disinfectant effect on the urinary tract.

The infusion is done with 2-3 teaspoons of dried herbal tea in a cup of boiling water which is left covered for 15 minutes. Then strain and drink morning and evening. To make a tea for diuretic purposes, one to two grams (one teaspoon) of the herb is added to hot water (not boiling) and allowed to steep for a while. The usual recommended intake is two to three cups a day.
:There have been no reports of adverse side effects or contraindications when the herb is used properly but it should only be prescribed by a qualified healthcare professional.

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