Organic Young Barley Grass Powder

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Latin name: Hordeum Vulgare

Origin Country: China

Barley, (Hordeum vulgare), cereal plant of the grass family Poaceae and its edible grain. Common barley hails originally from western Asia and north Africa. Barley Grass powder has a nutlike flavour. Barley is commonly used in breads, soups, stews, and health products, though it is primarily grown as animal fodder and as a source of malt for alcoholic beverages, especially beer.

Hordeum Vulgare is a common ingredient often featured in juices, supplements, and green powders.

Barley Grass Powder is rich in several nutrients and may promote weight loss, enhance heart health, and support better blood sugar control.

Barley grass has an impressive antioxidant wealth.

Hordeum Vulgare is valuable in treating ulcerative colitis attributing to its stimulating effect on the gut friendly bacteria.

It supports in boosting the immune defense mechanism of the body. Regular consumption of barley grass provides the required nutrition which is necessary for balancing the optimal production of immune cells in the body.

Barley grass powder is widely available and works well in many different recipes, including shakes, smoothies, and juices. The powder is, however, best not to be baked or heat-treated in any other ways in order to retain its nutritional value at its peak. It is therefore advised to use the powder mixed into different cold drinks.
The consumption of barley grass is likely to be safe. The side effects of barley grass are not much pronounced. Although hypersensitivity to barley products typically is associated with the seed and not the green leaves or shoots, patients with celiac disease or other sensitivities to barley probably should avoid use of barley grass.

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