Acacia Dried Flowers (Wattle)

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Latin Name: Acacia Senegal (L.)

Acacia is a fairly common and well-known tree, with large spikes on the branches and trunk. The flowers of the plant contain sugars, organic acids, vitamins A and C, essential oils, glycosides, flavinoids robinin and tannin.

–  Acacia contains water-soluble dietary fibers that are not only helpful in reducing weight but also helpful in keeping your cholesterol under control.

–  Acacia flowers are used in traditional and natural medicine to treat herpes, gastritis and to restore appetite.

–  Acacia flowers have an unmistakable aroma, which is said to have slightly sedative effect on the nervous system, reducing anxiety.

–  Acacia flowers which are believed to have anticonvulsant action and for this reason are considered particularly effective in cases of severe cough.

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