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Latin Name : Aloe ferox

The aloe ferox plant yields two different saps. Aloe bitters, drained from the cut leaves, is used primarily for its laxative properties. The aloe gel, extracted from the inner portion of the leaves, is used in health drinks and for skin care.

The most common use of bitter aloe is for laxative purposes. Laxatives are used to purge the intestines and stimulate bowel movements.

Another superb health benefit of aloe Ferox is that it helps to reduce and even cure many types of sexually transmitted infections. This happens because compounds present in Aloe Ferox sap have antimicrobial properties which help to fight the infections and thus provide relief.  One of the infections that is fought brilliantly using Aloe Ferox is gonorrhea.

Aloe Ferox contains several compounds which exhibit amazing therapeutic properties and thus aid the healing process on the wounds. Aloe Ferox also helps to inhibit the microbial growth and action.

it helps to relieve symptoms of many types of allergies like rhinitis and nasal mucous etc.  It also helps to relieve the symptoms of inflammation.

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