Bilberry Whole Dried Berries

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Latin Name : Vaccinium Myrtillus

Bilberry is found throughout Europe, Northern Asia and Western North America. It is a member of the Heather Family (Ericaceae).

Bilberries Berries are often eaten fresh or made into jam, juices, or pies. They are very dark blue, almost black with a white ‘bloom’ that can make them appear lighter.

The fresh and dried bilberry fruit, as well as the dried leaf, have been also used in medicine for centuries. In fact, studies suggest that the antioxidant content of bilberry may help to prevent a number of diseases.

From the berries of bilberry, in dried form, a decoction or tea is prepared for the treatment of diarrhea and the prevention of vomiting, thanks to its astringent effect, while its antiseptic-diuretic action is often indicated for infections of the urinary and digestive systems. In addition, their content of vitamin K, a vitamin that helps prevent the formation of blood clots, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.



You can cook with dried bilberry berries in both sweet and savory recipes. The easiest way to get started is to use dried bilberry berries by the handful or as a light dessert. Just heat them up, mix in a little sugar and then serve them in little cups. You can also us ebilberry berries in baked desserts or just for breakfast: in bread or yogurt.
Bilberry berries are POSSIBLY SAFE when taken appropriately by mouth, short-term. In any case you should consult with your healthcare doctor before using any herb especially if you have health problems.

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