Black Poplar Dried Bark

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Latin Name : Populus Nigra

Origin Country: Poland

Poplar bark is primarily native to boggy lowland areas, river valleys, pond margins, forest margins, fields and roadsides in Europe, northwestern Africa and western Asia.

Black poplar has been used for a long time as a folks remedy. The bark is harvested from side branches or coppiced trees and dried for later use.

Black poplar bark is used as a natural dye. Always soak bark overnight before heating. Use a dye bag when dyeing wool or the bits will get stuck in the fibers. Heat slowly to below a boil, boiling may dull colours.

Poplar is used as an ingredient in herbal cough medicines. It is also used to loosen chest congestion and as a stimulant. Externally, the bark is used to treat chilblains, haemorrhoids, infected wounds and sprains.
Some people apply poplar directly to the skin for sores, bruises, cuts, pimples, external hemorrhoids, frostbite, and sunburn.

To make a tea use 3–9 grams of the herb.

Decoction (Extraction by boiling): One teaspoon of dried herb for every cup of water. Add our herb to the boiling water. Reduce the temperature and let our mixture simmer, covered, for 8'-10'. Strain and drink up to three times a day.
Black Poplar seems to be safe for most people when used properly. It contains a chemical that is very similar to aspirin. This chemical, known as salicin, may cause a reaction in people who are allergic to aspirin. In any case you should consult with your healthcare doctor before using any herb especially if you’re taking other medications or having health problems.

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