Catuaba Dried Bark Powder

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Latin Name : Trichilia Catigua

Catuaba is a collective name for several varieties of trees in the Amazon whose barks are gathered and used mainly as a libido enhancer and to treat sexual dysfunction. The shrub produces yellow flowers and edible fruits, but the bark is what makes it even more special because of its medicinal properties that may be made into nutritional supplements.

  • Aphrodisiac: Catuaba bark is perhaps best known all over the world for its effects on the male sex organ. It has been used as an aphrodisiac and as a tonic to enhance the central nervous system in traditional Brazilian medicine. An infusion of the bark’s chemical composition can elevate libido in men, improve performance in bed.
  • Protection for Skin Cells: Catuaba bark can help safeguard skin cells from hydroperoxide- induced cytotoxic activity. This is because of the bark’s active ingredients: the cinchonains lla and llb that prevent squalene monohydroperoxide from doing toxic damage to the cells.
  •  Antidepressant Properties: There is solid evidence that the bark extract’s dopamine has antidepressant properties.
  • Nervous System: Amongst the constituents of the plant dwell a group of alkaloids called “Catuabine,” with these chemicals thought to be responsible for additional stimulating the nervous system. Catuaba works its magic very quickly, effectively calming nerves and pressure in under an hour after use. It can also be taken as a sleeping aid.


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