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Latin Name : Turnera Diffusa

Turnera diffusa, also known as damiana, is a small flowering shrub. Traditionally, the leaves and stems of damiana were used in teas, flavoring liquor, and taken as a tonic to improve general health.

It has a long history of use as an aphrodisiac.It is used in the prevention and treatment of sexual disturbances, loss of libido as well as menstrual problems.It is furthermore used for treating impotence and prostate problems.

This versatile herb will promote digestive health by facilitating the breakdown of fats and sugars in the digestive system. Since it has relaxant and digestive stimulating effects, damiana may also help alleviate headaches, muscle aches and stomach pains.

It is also used internally to treat nervous exhaustion, anxiety, depression, impotence.

This powder can be added to hot water to take as a tea, mixed with juice or in a smoothy. Serving: 1-3 grams daily. It is suggested not to exceed the maximum of 3 grams. 1 teaspoon equals 1 gram (1 tsp = 1g)
Although there are no serious side effects associated with damiana use, consuming more than the recommended dosage may cause changes in blood sugar, hypoglycemia, convulsions and other symptoms similar to those caused by poisoning. Its use should be avoided by diabetic people who taking insulin or antidiabetic drugs. In any case you should consult with your doctor before using.

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