Eucalyptus Leaf Powder


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Latin Name: Eucalyltus Globulus

Eucalyptus tea is made from the ground leaves of the eucalyptus tree, native to Australia and known in that region as the fever tree due to its medicinal properties.

–   Eucalyptus benefits derive from its antiseptic oils. It can help relieve bronchitis, colds and the symptoms asthma simply by rubbing some eucalyptus infusion onto the chest or by drinking  it.

–  It is also indicated in cases of sinusitis and pharyngitis.

–  Relieves pain in muscles and joints and is recommended in cases of rheumatism and arthritis. It also stimulates blood circulation.

–  Drinking eucalyptus tea throughout the day may help to lower blood sugar for those with pre-diabetic or confirmed diabetes.

–  Εxternally has antibacterial action on cuts and abrasions.


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