Field Bindweed Leaves & Stems

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Latin Name : Convolvulus Arvensis

This herb is highly nutritious as it has rich contents of starch & sugars.

Field Bindweed, especially its leaves are made into a tisane which is used internally as a laxative and for fevers, to promote sweating and so reduce the temperature, and externally to put on wounds.

A cold infusion from the leaves of this plant is laxative, can slow profuse bleeding during menses, and can be applied as a wash for spider bites.

A tea made from the flowers is believed to exhibit antibacterial & antifungal  properties against a broad spectrum of microbes, including E. coli, salmonella, species & candida albicans.

Bindweed also finds its therapeutic use for treating the effects of stress.

Bindweed also exhibits actions similar to that of anti-diabetic medications as it is considered to inhibit the action of beta-glucosidase & alpha galctosidase. This, in turn, aids in lesser absorption of carbohydrates into the intestine, thus checking the blood sugar levels.

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