Heather Dried Flowers

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Latin Name : Calluna Vulgaris

Heather (Bruyère) is a small shrub with evergreen leaves and small purple, pink or white flowers. There are more than 400 varieties but the most used for its medicinal properties is the wild heather “Calluna vulgaris”.

It contains a powerful antiseptic of the urinary tract and is therefore considered one of the best remedies for urinary problems. Heather flowers are most often used as a infusion.

– Heather helps in the treatment of kidney and bladder problems: Heather is often used to combat kidney and bladder stones.

–  Heather is an extremely efficient remedy for  cleansing and detoxifying.It is very helpful in treating problems such as rheumatism, in treating arthritis, as well as in treating gout and related metabolic problems.

–  It is a remedy for cold and cough, sleep disorder, breathing problems.

–  Helps disinfecting the urinary tract: Due to the fact that Heather is an important diuretic and antiseptic agent makes it a remedy for the urinary tract, because disinfects and increases the urge to urination: This remedy plays an important role in the treatment of cystitis and relieve inflammatory conditions all interior of the bladder.

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