Natural Pyramid Sea Salt Flakes Spirulina Flavour

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Origin Country: Cyprus

Cyprus Natural Pyramid Sea Salt Flakes Spirulina Flavour is a unique and healthy salt alternative that combines the natural benefits of Cyprus sea salt with the nutrient-rich superfood spirulina. The salt flakes are harvested from the crystal-clear waters off the coast of Cyprus, where they are naturally infused with minerals and trace elements. This salt is perfect for adding a burst of flavour and nutrition to your meals, without the added sodium and preservatives found in traditional table salt. It’s a healthy and sustainable choice for anyone looking to enhance the taste and nutritional value of their food.

Sea Salt Flakes from Cyprus enhance culinary experiences with their distinctive flavour, visual appeal, and textural crunch. While primarily valued for gastronomic purposes, they do not offer specific health benefits. Use in moderation for an elevated and visually appealing finish to various dishes.

The spirulina flavour is derived from the blue-green algae spirulina, which is rich in protein, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Add a pinch or two of Cyprus Natural Pyramid Sea Salt Flakes Spirulina Flavour to your favourite soup or stew recipe to enhance the flavour and add some extra nutrition from the spirulina algae. You can sprinkle some Cyprus Natural Pyramid Sea Salt Flakes Spirulina Flavour on your salad greens to add a pop of colour and flavour. It pairs well with leafy greens, avocado, and citrus fruits.
Sea Salt Flakes from Cyprus are generally safe for consumption. However, as with any salt, excessive intake may contribute to increased sodium levels, impacting blood pressure and cardiovascular health. Individuals with specific health conditions, such as hypertension, should monitor their salt intake. Additionally, it's advisable to check product labels for potential additives.

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