Organic Rosehip Dried Shells

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Latin Name : Rosa Canina

From their soft petals to prickly thorns, roses are a symbol of beauty and health. However, one lesser known part of the rose is the round, seed-filled bulbs known as rose hips, which are found underneath rose petals.

Rich in nutrients and disease-fighting properties, rose hips shells have gained attention for their role in health and beauty.

  • Rose hips shells are taken by many today as a natural way to get vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K, and help to prevent and treat various infections, especially colds and flu.
  • Quickens the healing process for bruises and skin irritations.
  • Inflammation and sore throat can find relief with rose hips.
  • Rose contain calcium, citric acid, iron, niacin, phosphorus, tannin, vitamin A, B1, B2, and P. As a natural stimulant it gently allows movement of the bowels, as diuretic rose hips cleanse the urinary system, as a pectoral hips are a remedy for pulmonary and other lung diseases, and as a tonic the rose hips strengthen organs.
  • The consumption of rosehips shells can combat nervousness, stress and anxiety.
  • Rose hips shells can help prevent the development of kidney stones and prevent diarrhoea.
  • Rosehips are helpful to the circulatory system, respiratory system, the thymus gland and as a blood cleanser.

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