Wasabi Blend Powder Spice Mix

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Wasabi Powder is, in theory, a hot-tasting powder made from horseradish, corn starch, spinach, mustard, citric acid, magnesium carbonate.

It can also be used to flavour teriyaki and noodle dishes as well as to some varieties of sweets and ice cream. Try adding a little of the powder to your steak before frying or to mayonnaise or yogurt to form a dipping sauce.

You can also stir wasabi powder into mashed potatoes and pea purees or sprinkle on vegetables.

Wasabi is most commonly used in either fish based dishes such as Sushi and Sashimi, or in noodle dishes such as Soba.

To create a paste, simply mix the powder with a small amount of water.
Do not exceed the dose limit. Not known if there are any side effects.

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