Aspen Poplar Dried Bark Powder

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Latin Name : Populus Tremula

Poplar has healing properties, and is used, mainly the bark of the tree. However, the flowers, the shoots and the leaves of the tree also have a therapeutic effect. The decostion of the plant acts as an anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic, analgesic and cholagogue.

Health Benefits of Aspen Poplar Bark Powder

–  Aspen Poplar Dried Bark Powder is mildly diuretic.

–  The bark contains salicin, a glycoside that probably decomposes into salicylic acid (aspirin) in the body. This herb is therefore anodyne, anti-inflammatory and febrifuge.

–  As a cholagogue it stimulates digestion and especially the function of the stomach and liver (when there is anorexia).

–  It is used especially in treating rheumatism and fevers, and also to relieve the pain of menstrual cramps.

–  It is also used for the treatment of arthritis, gout, lower back pains, urinary complaints, digestive and liver disorders.

–  Aspen is used to treat chilblains, hemorrhoids, infected wounds and sprains.

–  An infusion of the Aspen poplar bark powder is considered to be a remedy for coughs and an appetite stimulant.


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