Bamboo Leaves & Stems

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Latin Name : Bambusa Vulgaris

Traditional Chinese medicine uses bamboo for its health benefits and one way is by brewing tea from the leaves. Bamboo leaves are rich in silica flavonoids, amino acids, and phenolic.

Bamboo tea has a light, sweet yet grassy flavor and makes a perfect green tea-like beverage, but without the caffeine.

Health Benefits of Bamboo Leaves

– Bamboo is useful for strengthening the bones, teeth, nails, and hair as well as for improving the elasticity of the skin.

–  Since every cup of bamboo leaf tea provides 1gm of soluble fiber, its regular consumption helps to control blood sugar levels and remove harmful wastes from the body, aiding the process of detoxification.

–  People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other problems of the gastrointestinal tract can also benefit from its intake, as it aids in promoting the digestive health.

–  Because of its high potassium content, its intake is useful for lowering high blood pressure as well as maintaining a stable blood pressure.

–  Being rich in catechins (a type of flavonoid), the herbal infusion is good for burning excess body fat, which helps in losing weight as well as decreasing the levels of bad cholesterols.


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