Barberry Dried Bark

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Latin Name :Berberis Vulgaris

Origin Country: Pakistan

Barberry is a detoxifying herb that contains excellent stimulating and sedative properties that help fight a number of disease causing organisms.

Inflammation: Barberry is effective in easing infection and inflammation of the urinary, respiratory, and gastrointestinal tracts. Common health problems like sinusitis, nasal congestion, sore throat, bronchitis, and candida infections are easily treatable with barberry.

Astringent: Barberry contains powerful astringent properties that help in killing intestinal bacteria faster. It is often used to treat diarrhea, including diarrhea caused by food poisoning.

Immune system: Barberry contains berberine which  stimulates the white blood cells in the body that kill disease-causing organisms which results in boosting overall immunity.

Detoxify: Barberry is efficient in detoxifying as well as stimulating the liver, which in turn increases the functioning of the liver and treats problems like gallstones.

To make an infusion, place one tablespoon of dried herbs into a ceramic teapot, mug or mason jar for each cup of tea you intend to brew. Cover with boiling water. Place on the lid (or cover your cup with a saucer) and let steep for 10-15 minutes or overnight. Decoction: In a pot, bring 3 cups of cold water, 3-4 teaspoons of the root to a simmer. Gently decoct (simmer) for 30 minutes. Strain out herbs and return liquid to pot. . Drink 1-3 cups of tea a day. Add if you want one spoonful of honey at a time and dissolve over very low heat until you reach desired sweetness.
When taken as directed, barberry is considered to be safe for use, producing few side effects. However, when taken in large doses, or for more than two weeks, it can produce upset stomach, vomiting and nosebleeds. Barberry can also cause headaches and an allergic reaction, especially when used as a topical agent. Allergy symptoms to barberry include redness, itching and burning. In any case you should consult with your healthcare doctor before using any herb especially if you’re taking other medications or having health problems.

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