Blessed Thistle Dried leaves & stems

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Latin Name : Cnicus Benedictus

  • Digestion Improvement : Blessed thistle can improve digestion by helping the body’s secretion of gastric acid and the flow of bile. It can also be used to address flatulence and indigestion. In addition, it can stimulate appetite, which makes it helpful in treating anorexia.
  • Breast Milk Supply Boost: Blessed thistle is thought to be a galactagogue, taken to help increase breast milk production
  • Anti-Inflammatory Qualities: Blessed thistle has been shown to lessen or totally halt inflammation.
  • Liver Detoxification: Due to its ability to stimulate the bile production, it is deemed helpful in assisting with detoxification of the liver.
  • Astringent Like Properties: Blessed thistle can help prevent or at the very least slow down bleeding due to its astringent-like qualities. Because of these properties, blessed thistle is used to create natural remedies for skin ulcers and boils.

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