Boldo Dried Leaves

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Latin Name : Peumus Boldus

Boldo is an evergreen shrub native to central Chile and Peru. The leaves of the boldo shrub have a long history of use in folk medicineas especcially as a treatment for digestive problems.Boldo leaves have diuretic, laxative, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Generally, the tea is not consumed daily. It has a bold, almost medicinal flavor and is only used when needed, more like a medicine than a tea.

–  Boldo leaves are used to treat problems related to the gallbladder and liver. They stimulate the gallbladder and protect the liver from toxins. In particular, the bulldozer is a very promising drug for the treatment of hepatitis.

–  The herbal drink calms tired people by facilitating their digestion. It is also recommended in cases of liver failure. The herbal infusion helps with gallbladder problems such as gallstones and inflammation. It is also used when there is pain in the viscera due to liver or gallbladder problems.

–  For bile problems it combines well with hydrate and althaea. Boldo is also used in the composition of many homemade products, because it mixes easily with other plants that facilitate digestion.

– It has mild emollient and antiseptic effects on the urinary system. And so it can be used for cystitis.

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