Butcher’s Broom Root

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Latin Name: Ruscus aculeatus

The plant has a long history of use. More than 2000 years ago, it was noted as a laxative, diuretic, and a phlebotherapeutic (beneficial to veins) agent.

Butcher’s broom has the ability to relive leg pain caused by poor circulation and related symptoms, including swelling, itching, cramping, heaviness, tension and numbness.

Topical ointments and suppositories made with butcher’s broom provide relief when dabbed onto itchy, painful hemorrhoids. Taken internally, the herb also may expedite the healing process.

Butcher’s broom may benefit sufferers of various inflammatory conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, lymphedema swollen ankles and general swelling in the lower extremities. The herb increases blood flow, promotes circulation, strengthens blood vessels, reduces capillary fragility and prevents pooling of the blood in the legs.

It is believed to reduce urine retention, which makes it useful in treating bladder infections.

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