Lobelia (Indian Tobacco) Dried Leaves

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Latin Name: Lobelia Inflata

Also known as the gag root, eyebright and puke weed, the Lobelia inflata is native to the eastern half of the United States, from Kansas and Nebraska to the entire east coast.

The components of lobelia, including alkaloids, calcium, vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium, as well as unique antioxidants lobeline and lobelanine, are the cause of this herb’s many benefits.

–  Lobelia contains certain chemicals that have similar effects as nicotine. This chemical can help people overcome their addiction to nicotine, so this herb is known as a good aid for quitting smoking.

–  Known as a powerful anti-spasmodic, lobelia is particularly effective for treating problems in the respiratory system. If you suffer from regular asthma attacks, drinking a tea made from this herb can soothe that inflammation and suppress the desire to cough, as well as problems with breathing.

–  There are certain muscle-relaxing qualities of this herb, so when topically applied or internally consumed, lobelia can help ease muscle strain and tension, which can aid those who have sleep problems.

–  Due to the incredible diaphoretic and anti-bacterial properties of this herb, it also helps treat insect bites and bronchitis. Lobelia is also beneficial for lung cleansing.

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