Patchouli Dried Leaves

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Latin name: Pogostemon Cablin

Patchouli is known for its intense, hearty aroma, it also possesses an interesting set of medicinal properties.

Patchouli’s benefits:

Killing bacteria and fungi. Antimicrobial substances found in patchouli can help fight infections.

Reducing depression and anxiety. Patchouli is a known mood enhancer and can help alleviate symptoms of stress.

Other patchouli’s benefits, mostly used in folk medicine, are:

Healing skin conditions. Many different skin ailments, such as eczema and overly oily skin, can be improved by using patchouli.

Reducing fever and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of patchouli make it useful for alleviating fevers as well as several types of internal and external inflammation.

Patchouli appears in culinary preparations strictly as a flavoring; however, foods seasoned with this herb have no medicinal value. In order to obtain its health benefits, patchouli should be used in medicinal forms. Patchouli remedies are developed using the top leaves of the plant. They are most commonly used externally but can be ingested depending on the preparation.
Patchouli is mostly safe to use topically, although the undiluted oil may cause some redness and skin irritation, as well as photosensitivity. It is recommended to dilute the oil with water before topical use and to keep it away from the eyes. A less common side effect is loss of appetite, so those already struggling with low appetites should refrain from using patchouli.

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