Quassia Chips Bark Bitterwood

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Latin Name : Quassia Amara

Quassia bark is also known as Bitter Wood, Jamaica Quassia, Bitter Ash and Quassia Lignum. It is native to the island of Jamaica. This tree has volatile oils, tars, minerals, salts and nitrates that make it an effective insecticide.

  • Treatment for fevers, colds, coughs and the flu.
  • Because of its anti inflammatory properties, the Quassia Wood is used for the treatment of rheumatism.
  • Joint pain, swelling, redness and immobility are also reduced with preparations made from this tree.
  • Treatment for intestinal worms. It can remove roundworms and pinworms. deter alcoholism; water left overnight in a cup with chips made from this tree creates a bitter tonic that is said to remedy alcohol intoxication.
  • Lotions and shampoos made from Quassia Wood are used to treat dandruff, lice and many other skin and hair conditions.


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